4. Ergonomic Sitting

Wavy Sit-Stand Table

LapTable-Laptop Table SitStand Desk

Lightweight & Portable! 

This beautifully designed, hand-made Sit-Stand Lap Table or Standing Desk has many uses.
Side legs simply clip and fold down for easy flat-pack storage.
Innovative air-vents cools ones laptop when using the Bed Table.

  • Lightweight and foldable standing desk can be used on any table top.
  • Used while working in the comfort of your own bed or sitting down temporarily
  • Foldable legs simply clip down or out as needed
  • Innovative, flat-pack design allows for easy storage
  • Ventilation of your laptop or devices
    Note: Mousepad is not included.

Folded height: 40mm
Weight: 2kg's 

Wood material used
Free delivery in South Africa + 100% lifetime return policy
(5 - 10 working day delivery time)




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