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Rise UP - Electronic Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Rise UP - Electronic Height Adjustable Standing Desk

RISE UP's Durable Steel Frame™ 

With RISE UP it's easy to adjust the height of your desk for sitting or standing.
Plug RISE UP into the wall and use the automatic up/down switch or one of the 4 pre-sets to raise your desk surface to the prefect height for you!
RISE UP is a perfect Standing Desk & the ideal way to improve your posture while sitting!
  • Adjustable in width (120cm - 140cm)
  • 3-Stage Lifting Columns (larger height range & load capacity)
  • Dual Motors (fast, smooth, even adjustment)
  • Removable Crossbar (for support & a convenient footrest)
  • Available in Black, White, or Gray color!
  • NEW! Anti-Collision (helps prevent lowering too far)
  • NEW! Digital Controller w/ 4-preset memory
  • Frame Height Range: 59cm - 122cm)
  • Desktop Dimensions: 152cm x 81cm x 2cm"
  • Material: High Strength Steel
    • Desktop Material: Solid, Natural Bamboo
    • Frame Color:Choose: Black, White or Gray
    • Desktop Weight: 16.8kg's
    • Control Panel: Auto Up/Down + 4 Memory Presets
    • Width (left-to-right):Adjustable 120cm - 140cm
    • Depth (front-to-back): 65cm
    Other Features:
    • Lifting Capacity: 114kg's
    • Anti-Collision Technology: To help prevent lowering too far
    • Crossbar Height (from floor): 32cm from the floor
    • 3-Stage Lifting Columns for faster adjustment & more height range
    • Height of Top of Crossbar: 42cm from the floor
    • 2 Motors for fast, smooth, even adjusting

    Note: Price excludes Keyboard Tray as seen in the video below.
    Keyboard tray not available



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